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Rough/Natural Raw Diamonds Are Getting Trendier For Jewelleries

Adamas International is a direct seller of rough uncut gem-quality diamonds. We supply rough gem-quality diamonds of various sizes, shapes, colour and clarity according to your requirements and have pre-sorted parcels available for sale. Please contacts us with your requirements or to find out more about items we have available at info@adamas-intl.com. A rough diamond comes in its original and unique forms (colour, size and shape) that can be set beautifully with handmade jewellery. There is a growth in the trend of using rough diamonds in jewellery making. All our rough diamonds are ethically sourced, conflict-free and fully certified.

How to Select Rough Diamond

Rough diamonds come in different shapes, size and colour. As a result, the selection process is slightly different from Loose diamonds. They are not chosen based on the 4C’s; Carat, Cut, Colour and Clarity.

Selection By Weight

Low quality, cuttable, high quality, and fancy diamonds come in different shapes and sizes. What is important to note is the more weight the stone, the more expensive it is.

Selection By Shape

Rough diamonds stones come in the octahedron, dodecahedron, broken stones, macules and cubes. However, these are not the only shapes of rough diamonds because of their raw nature, rough diamonds come in different shapes and sizes. Each stone is unique.

Selection By Quality

Quality is determined by how clear the stone is looking through it. It is rare to find diamonds without inclusions. The position of the inclusions is a factor in determining the value.

Selection By Colour

Like cut and lose diamonds, rough diamonds come in several colours but, the most visible and common colour is white. Rough Diamonds with colour are considered fancier.